the Project

Mr.Whistle is a repertoire of phrases and sayings worthy of mention for their absurd or extravagent stupidity that allow to make a jugdment about the costumers who come into your store or restaurant with their senseless demands and unacceptable behavior. Those same costumers who every day improvise to be wine and food critics with provincial gourmet –and self-righteous taste.

Along with the masked penguin, you can finally put pen to paper and tell those stories about your costumers that you told to colleagues and friends before.

Mr. Whistle is born from a game in which you try to scold those embarrassing customers who come into your working life without respect.

Mr. Whistle is your online social platform, an answer to the many sites that costumers use poorly to judge you every day. The masked penguin allow you to retort, remembering that for every critic you get, there are thousands of costumers that should never leave their house.

Have fun with our masked penguin!




the Rules